We offer flexible, high-performance hosting solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. IT that grows with you.

Web Hosting

We give you everything you need for your reliable and powerful web hosting solution. In addition to high availability, our service spectrum includes unlimited data transfer and E-Mail addresses, MySQL databases as well as secure HTTPS-encryption.

Virtual Servers

Do you need more flexibility and additional services that a web hosting rate can’t give you? Our virtual servers are the solution. We want to give you options without rigid pricing. We want to offer you a server that fits your needs perfectly, no matter if that focus lies on CPU, RAM, or hard drive space.

Dedicated Root Server

If you choose a dedicated root server, then the full performance ability of the hardware is at your fingertips. You receive a server individually made for your needs, which you can fill with programs, scripts, and databases as you see fit. Thanks to the full root access you can sculpt the server yourself.

Additional services

We offer more than just reliable web hosting. You have the power of a fully operational IT agency at your beck and call. Of course, you have full control over everything in your hosting solution, but should you have any problems with your website, your server, or your installed content management system, then you can rely upon our swift assistance, 24/7.

Our Infrastructure/infrastructure

All of our servers are located in Frankfurt and are connected to one of the largest internet nodes on the planet. That way you have the greatest possible availability and bandwidth.

The high availability is due to the most modern of computer centers, boasting multiple redundant power supply and cooling systems as well as modern fire alarm and extinguishing network.

We are proud to say that all of our servers are supplied with 100% green electricity from sustainable hydroelectric power plants. We can also significantly reduce power consumption by using additional cold aisle containment, which leads to an optimally efficient cooling process.