We give you everything you need for your reliable and powerful web hosting solution. In addition to high availability, our service spectrum includes unlimited data transfer and E-Mail addresses, MySQL databases as well as secure HTTPS-encryption.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days, a well thought-out and attractively designed internet presence is a must. However, without the right search engine optimization, your customers will have a hard time finding your website. We optimize your website so that it is rated better by search engines, making it easier for you to gain more customers.

Secure SSL-Encryption

Encrypted communication was once only used for transactions, sensitive data, or by banks. In the modern internet, there are many reasons to have encryption on your website. For example, search machines prefer encrypted websites. We offer you an SSL certificate and its setup as part of our hosting options, so that you and your customers are optimally safeguarded.

Loading Time Optimization

Your next potential customer has a long path ahead of them to your website, and if the website takes too long to load, they will quickly search for an alternative. An Amazon study showed that 100ms slower load times led to a reduction of 1% sales/revenue/turnover. We are happy to optimize your website and make it load faster for your visitors while reducing server load.

Website Analysis

We are happy to test your existing website to its very core, to give you tips and suggest improvements


Are you internationally active? We also offer professional translation skills from native speakers.

E-Mail Templates

The display standards for web browsers have generally been modernized, but sadly, chaos abounds in the world of E-Mail clients. Unfortunately, that is because design standards for websites cannot be simply transferred over to E-Mail clients. We are happy to build and optimize your E-Mail templates for any standard E-Mail client you prefer so that they are displayed just the way you want to your customers.